home & Office

art installation

A professional Barsky Gallery installer will come out to your home or office to assist you in the optimal placement and secure installation of your newly acquired art.

Note: 75% of the homes we visit have their artwork hanging entirely too high! We also offer rearrangement services and will happily hang artwork not purchased at the gallery.




Art Sourcing

It can be difficult to find the right artwork for that certain spot - the subject, artist, type of work, color, size and cost all need to be carefully considered. We offer complementary one-on-one consultation and advice and we're committed to finding you the ideal solution to fit your budget, space and taste.


See it on

your wall

If you are looking for a piece to fit a specific wall, send us images of your space and we will digitally place ideas for art into your space to give you a feel for how it would look. Our digital art staging will make it easy for you to choose artwork that fits your space.


commission an artwork

Bring your inspiration to life!

We think art is about personal connection. Barsky Gallery has a portfolio of artists ready to create a special piece for your home. By connecting directly with the artist and participating in conception and creation, you will become a part of the story behind the art that hangs on your wall.

Enjoying art is a human experience, not an academic one. Contact us to commission an artist to create an original work of art that you will love for many years to come.



Can’t decide? Unsure how the piece you love will look in your home? Take the piece home with you. Our clients can take artwork on approval for a 24-48 hour period to facilitate the decision making process - with no obligation.


Custom framing

We offer a large selection of moldings ensuring that we will have the right frame for your artwork purchased at Barsky Gallery. Whether it needs to suit your taste, to enhance a painting’s beauty, make it period appropriate, or preserve it for the ages, there is a frame for you.